My Mission is to Help Leaders to Live & Lead with more Confidence

Overwhelmed and Lacking Confidence...

As a new leader, I remember feeling overwhelmed going from being the “doer” to the leader. I was trying too hard to do and say the “right” thing all the time and prove myself, I was starting to feel burned out and second-guessing myself and my path.

Working in Training & Development and on Leadership Development initiatives in both the public and private sectors, I also saw the common theme that those transitioning into leadership roles struggled with. Often times high potentials and new leaders would get sent to training to develop, only to realize that it was more of a “check the box” type solution and wasn’t actually creating sustainable results or shifts in confidence or leadership capabilities.

This led me to get really curious about how to create authentic, sustainable results as a developing leader and create profound impact on confidence and performance results for the leader, the team, and the organization. One of the top skill sets that people are looking for in their leaders now is the ability to coach, to develop, to inspire.

This led me to coaching where I became certified through iPEC (Institute For Professional Excellence In Coaching)-one of the top ICF accredited and recognized coach training programs in the world. I also became certified in the Energy Leadership Index Assessment-which is the only attitudinal assessment of it’s kind and is ranked as one of the top leadership assessments all Executives should take.

Using my background in training and development, combined with my training as a Certified Coach, I truly believe that an integrated approach of training + coaching is the key to developing the next level of confident leaders that our organizations need.

I have personally experienced, and have the privilege to witness, the profound impact that coaching can have on developing leaders to help them discover who they truly are as a person, and as a leader, so they can excel at what they do and inspire a team to do amazing things.

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