Overcome Your Self-Doubt & Negative Self-Talk And Take Your Career & Business To The Next Level
Get the Steps & Support to let go of those limiting beliefs and step fully into your confidence to get massive results in your life and business

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Having big dreams but overcome with self-doubt...

Questioning yourself, your abilities, if it's possible for you...

Are you so over getting in your OWN way with the self-doubt, negative self-talk, feelings of imposter syndrome?

Do you find yourself with up and down motivation where one day you are ALL IN and confident, believing in yourself and your abilities, and the next day you are BEATING yourself up, burned out, and wondering how you’ll ever get where you dream to be. 

You have the big dreams but no plan, strategy, or roadmap to getting there??

Comparing yourself to others that are where you WANT TO BE, but overcome with feelings of doubt and imposter syndrome every time you think of getting there??

Knowing, feeling, that you are made for more..that there is SOMETHING else for you to use your gifts, your strengths, your passions..and yet no idea how to make it happen. 

Then ACTIVATE Is For You!

It’s time to get out of your own way, finally figure out what’s been STOPPING you from achieving your potential. Learn HOW to finally quiet that voice and NEVER let that self-doubt take over again. Time to get SUPER clear on your VISION with a ROADMAP to get there. Time to show up as a LEADER in your life and business. Figure out how to get your MINDSET to work FOR instead of AGAINST you.

Get clear on and own your VOICE. Your personal brand. Your unique value that you offer to make you stand out in your market/industry. 

It’s time to SHOW UP and STAND OUT in your full CONFIDENCE. 

It’s all within you already. It’s time to ACTIVATE it and reach your peak performance, and joy and fulfillment along the way. 


Taking your EXTERNAL goal & creating strategy to get there while addressing those limiting beliefs, removing those doubts, and strengthening the INTERNAL belief & mindset==MASSIVE, SUSTAINABLE RESULTS & TRANSFORMATION 

How Long Are You Willing To Wait..

How long are you willing to wait to feel confident? To feel proud? To feel fulfilled? To feel successful?

If you’re done WAITING for it..and ready to start taking ACTION towards it..Apply today! It’s time to ACTIVATE all that potential!

  • Get clear on your true values with a Values Assessment tool
  • Integrate Values Aligned to Vision-Vision Planning & Worksheets
  • Learn how to use your ENERGY to show up as a leader
  • Personalized 10 page Energy Leadership Report (Ranked by Forbes as a top Exec assessment) + 60 minute Debrief
  • Create a Vision Funnel (Vision, Goals, Roadmap to get there)
  • Templates & Strategies for Goal Setting/Time Management
  • Identify your biggest limiting beliefs and obstacles creating negative mindset
  • Learn how to reframe your thoughts & use your mind to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you
  • How the top 20% in your field use their mindset for peak performance
  • Learn mental fitness techniques to rewire your brain to see opportunities & solutions vs. problems
  • Access to 6 weeks of a Mental Fitness app **limited seats
  • Create your own Personal Brand
  • Be able to articulate your unique value proposition
  • What to do to make you stand out in your market/industry
  • Speaking with confidence
  • How to skyrocket your results
  • Bonus Content
  • Guest Experts

Imagine For A Moment...

Imagine finally feeling CONFIDENT in yourself and where you’re headed. You’ve got a clear and exciting VISION and a plan to achieving it. KNOWING you have so much to offer that you can’t wait to tell people about what you do, how you help, and work towards your goals. 

What it will feel like when you let go of all those limiting beliefs and can truly show up in your true power, confidence, and skills. You connect with others and SPEAK with confidence and passion about what you have to offer. 

You are truly living into your passions and no longer dread starting each day. You hop out of bed ready to go and take on anything the day has to offer. 

Clear Vision

Knowing where you’re headed, WHY you want it, how to use your energy to get there, & a roadmap to achieve


Confident in yourself, a bulletproof mindset that works FOR you, and aligned action

Strong Voice

Having your personal brand and unique value to make you stand out in your field

Meet Your Coach

Portrait of Julie seated and smiling with her chin on her fist, wearing a brown cardigan and black shirt

Julie Menden-Certified Leadership & Performance Coach

A former Corporate Leadership Development professional turned Coach & Speaker, Julie has spent years helping others to bring out their true power and potential. Julie was listed as a top coach in Milwaukee by Influence Digest and has been the featured Keynote Speaker at multiple events on leadership + mindset. 

Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)

Mental Fitness Coach

Ready To Get Started??

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If you’ve been spinning your wheels..overcome with self-doubt as you’re trying to level up your career/business, you are meant to be here. 

You are made for so much more and you have the POTENTIAL for so much. Get out of your own way and let’s take this journey together!

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