The Confident Leader Academy

Coach Approach to Confident Leadership

Struggling to Get Your New Leaders to Confidently Use Their Voice & Coach Their Teams?

Are you ready to develop your pipeline of confident leaders?

One of the hardest transitions is going from doing to leading and being able to effectively coach and support the needs of a team. Many newer leaders focus on giving solutions, instead of coaching their teams to find solutions. So often new and emerging leaders are focused on the tactical, trying to learn how to navigate this new role, and what they need to do to prove themselves as a leader.

Many new leaders are selected because they were good at their roles, but not prepared for or equipped with the leadership mindset and skill sets to know who they are as a leader, in order to be able to powerfully coach a team to success. Even when these high potentials or new leaders are sent to training, it’s often just a generic one-size-fits all approach and doesn’t dig into the unique needs and strengths of the leader. It doesn’t dig into what will GET IN THE WAY of that leader actually implementing those skills they learned in training, and a STRATEGY for overcoming those blocks.

Introducing The Confident Leader Academy

The Confident Leader Academy is a customized program designed to help emerging leaders smoothly make the transition from doing to leading. This includes overcoming the self-doubt and overwhelm of growing as a leader so that they can develop a confident leadership voice, to be able to effectively coach teams to success, and reach their leadership potential.

Using my experience as a previous emerging leader, my background in leadership development, and my coaching certification, I take an integrated approach in working with new leaders that starts from the core of who they are, what they need to overcome, and where they’re headed, so they can unlock their leadership potential and create high-performing teams and results.

Participants in this program receive 1:1 coaching tailored to their specific needs, a top-rated leadership assessment, a library of training on leadership skills and foundations, and tools and resource to help on the journey. 

Participants leave this experience with increased self-awareness, stronger leadership foundations, mindset, and voice, and an actionable plan to propel the leaders forward in reaching the highest levels of success and fulfillment. 







Imagine for a Moment..

Imagine feeling excited to look at the engagement surveys of your teams because you know your leaders are creating engaged and performing teams. Imagine transitioning your next high potential into their new role as a leader, and feeling excited and confident they have the leadership mindset and skill sets needed to excel. Imagine having a pipeline of confident next level leaders who are powerfully coaching and giving and receiving feedback.

Confident Leaders

New leaders showing up from a place of authenticity and confidence

Engaged Teams

Retaining and engaging top talent because they are being powerfully coached and supported

Cultures of Coaching & Feedback

Creating a culture where coaching and feedback is embraced and encouraged

Ready to Get Started?

Developing the new and emerging leaders in your organization is crucial to creating an engaged and empowered culture that people actually want to work in! If you are ready to stop just checking a box on training for developing new leaders, and ready to create a pipeline of confident leaders who can powerfully coach teams to success, click below and let’s get started.

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