4 Week Speaker Accelerator
To get you speaking with confidence!

Heart racing, palms sweating, voice shaking, stumbling over your words, rambling when you try to share your ideas, struggling to get your point across, not sure how to best organize your thoughts….does this sound like you when it comes to speaking up, showing up on camera, or presenting?

Do you desire to speak with more confidence? More authority? More power and impact? To be able to command a room? To attract business and clients into your energy? To even become a Speaker in your area of expertise?

Ready to ditch the fear and step into your confidence, to authentically own your voice and actually look FORWARD to speaking?!

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Program Starts Feb 28th!

Speak Up, Stand Out

4 week Speaker Accelerator

A virtual program designed to help you build your confidence as a speaker. Walk away with tools and skills that will carry with you forever, and even the potential to have your next full presentation ready to go! Whether you want to build your confidence in pitching your ideas, speaking at networking meetings, influencing others, showing up on camera, or nailing your next presentation, or becoming a Speaker..this is for you!

This is a high impact, highly interactive experience that not only gives you the tools and training, but also the COACHING and SUPPORT to help you get over what is holding you back from truly showing up in your power and confidence when you speak.     

This program can take you from IDEA to IMPLEMENTATION in 4 weeks!

Helping you speak with Clarity. Confidence. Conviction. 

Program starts Feb 28th, 2022

Desiring to Speak more confidently, put yourself out there, but overcome with fear...

Questioning yourself, unsure what to focus on, how NOT to get that shaky voice..





Desiring to speak up more, to have confidence, to share your ideas and experience, to nail those presentations, to confidently speak about your business at networking events, to pitch your business and/or ideas, to get booked for speaking gigs..it’s all possible!

You DON’T need another article, free training or course, or framework/model telling you what to do or what works for someone else. 

You need a personalized experience and coaching to what is getting your way. 

Then Speak Up, Stand Out Is For You!

4 weeks to help kick start your confidence, give you the tools, training, and coaching to powerfully and authentically own your voice so that you are actually EXCITED to speak!

Taking all of your ideas and narrowing down for clarity and focus AND integrating your own authentic and personal story

We’ll help you narrow down your key talking points, how to put it all together into a story, and how you will speak for impact

Learn how to get your MINDSET in the right place, tools and techniques for speaking, equipment/prep you might need, how to use your energy to be magnetic to those you are speaking to

Getting you ready to NAIL that next speaking opportunity. Pitch week and perfecting your presentation & delivery, personalized feedback

Imagine For A Moment..

Finally feeling CONFIDENT in speaking up. Owning your voice. Being ASKED to speak and share your gifts, talents, and expertise.  Imagine what it will feel like to let go of that limiting belief that “you aren’t a good speaker” and truly show up in your power, confidence, and skills. 

You are connecting with others and speak with CONFIDENCE and passion about what you have to offer. To exude a confidence and magnetic energy that others are drawn into what you’re saying. 

You are elevating and accelerating your career and business growth!


In your messaging, personal story and brand, focus


In your voice, in your skills, in yourself


Getting results for you and those you are speaking to

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Julie!

A Certified Leadership & Performance Coach | Trainer | Keynote Speaker. A former Corporate Leadership Development professional turned Coach & Speaker, I have spent years helping others to bring out their true power and potential. I have a passion for speaking, and helping others to find and own their voice. 

I’ve spoken to audiences from small to large, on Zoom, and from stage..and I love the energy of it all!

I’m passionate about helping others embrace their dynamic, authentic, and confident voice to show up fully to their power and potential. 

Julie was listed as a top coach in Milwaukee by Influence Digest and has been the featured Keynote Speaker at events on leadership + mindset.  Julie has been featured in publications such as Thrive Global, Influence Digest, and Authority Magazine.  Julie is an Associate Certified Coach through ICF, Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Practitioner(ELI-MP), Certified Leadership Facilitator, Mental Fitness Coach. 

Are you ready to own your voice and feel confident as a speaker?

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Program Starts Feb 28th!

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