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Helping Leaders to Live & Lead Consciously

Helping Mid-Sized Businesses Transition High Potentials Into Confident Leaders Who Can Powerfully Coach Teams to Success

Confident Leaders

Cultures of Coaching & Feedback

Engaged Teams

Sound Familiar?

Common Struggles Developing New Leaders

Selecting the RIGHT Leaders

Are the leaders being chosen because they were good at their job, but don’t have the leadership skills?

Losing Key Employees Due to Unequipped Managers

Are you tired of seeing low engagement results or exit surveys due to managers?

Lack of Coaching & Feedback

Are you struggling to get your leaders to give coaching and feedback to their teams?

Ready to Turn Your High Potentials and Emerging Talent into Confident Leaders?

Julie Menden, Leadership Coach

This is where I come in…

As a Certified Leadership & Performance Coach, previous Training & Development professional in private and public sector, and a former new leader, I have experienced the impact, the ripple effect, on the company and team culture to have unprepared leaders.

After experiencing the ups and downs transitioning as a newer leader, and seeing organizations send high-potentials and newer leaders to training to be developed, and not seeing sustainable change and results, I got really curious.

I wanted to see how to help organizations develop confident, empowered, and highly conscious leaders by stopping just sending high potentials to training as a “checklist”, and actually creating authentic, sustainable results.

How do we help emerging leaders get clear on who they are, so they can excel at what they do?

It’s possible to create your next level of confident, empowered leaders driving engaged, high-performing cultures. This is where I come in!

The Confident Leader Academy

Signature Coaching Program

The Confident Leader Academy program is a customized approach designed to help high potentials and emerging leaders confidently make the transition into leadership.

Often a “one size fits all” training approach doesn’t create lasting, sustainable results for new leaders. In this program, leaders will receive personalized coaching and leadership development so they can develop their confident leadership voice, drive engagement and results, and be able to powerfully coach their teams to success.

How To Get Started

Three Steps To Cultivating Confident Leaders

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Customized Approach

I’ll partner to create a personalized coaching and strategy for the leaders.

Confident Leaders

Leaders will feel confident in who they are as a leader, and what they have to offer.

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